Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ODI Series - Digging into ODI repository

I believe it is no new situation for any ODI developer, where he/she had to go through a long list of ODI objects to identify their usage in interfaces or packages, LKMs /IKMs used within interfaces, variables and their usage, getting rid of unwanted objects, etc I had been in such a situation and wanted to keep a track of any such objects. I was able to beg, borrow, steal or develop SQL queries to query ODI work repository and following list of SQL queries can be used to put down a list of objects and their association

Query 1: Variables Used in mappings

Query 2: Table Names used as Source schema & Datastore Tabs

Query 3: Interface Information

Query 4: Interfaces not used in Packages

--- Updated May 12th, 2014 ---

Query 5: Procedures used in Packages

Query 6: Procedures not used in Packages
Query 7: Scheduling Information

This scheduling information query fetches all scheduling information except repetition information

SQL Queries can be downloaded here.

Hope this helps !!!

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  1. Hi Navan,

    Can you also please tell me in which schema these tables are?
    Nice post btw :)