Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Unexpected Essbase error 1007083

I came across this issue and thought of sharing one of the possible solutions for it. The solution of mine may not apply in all situations but you never know it may help. Before going ahead, I would just like to give a small background of the situation.

I have an ASO application with 10 dimensions in Essbase version I had a task to clean up some metadata to get rid of unwanted members and thus developed few load rules. All load rules ran well except for one which gave this error

Object [outline name] is locked by user [user name]
Dimension build failed. Error code [1090040]. Check the server log file and the dimension build error file for possible additional info.
Unexpected Essbase error 1007083
Object [outline name] unlocked by user [user name]

The log files do not provide any information about the error. Initial search on web, oracle forums, support says a lot many things. From all those sources I could get information that this error may occur due to any one of the following reasons:

  • Essbase server running out of memory. This usually happens if we have 32 bit OS/Essbase server and try to load big hierarchies
    • I checked my system and found only 50% of memory was consumed. The source file had just 500 members and one of the load rule with 8000 members ran well. Thus this reason did not apply in my case
  • Check the directory path for source data files, error logs and make sure it does not have special characters
    • My source file were stored on Desktop on Win XP and it had spaces in its path. Also it had spaces in the path of directory where error logs were written. So I changed the locations and stored everything on C:\ . It didn't actually helped and error continued.
  • Validate the load rule which loads metadata and make sure it is stored at correct location on server or file system and is correctly used in MAXL
    • I recreated the rule file from start and validated it. Then manually loaded the source file but it gave the same error
Since I could not find much help online, I followed the below approach to identify cause.
  1. I tried adding a member manually to the outline and restructure completed successfully on save
    • This implies server is not running out of memory due to restructure
  2. Created a new application with blank outline. Tried loading the members using the fresh load rule. It failed with same error.
    • This implies my original application do not have any issues as the same error occurs in new application too
  3. Created a new data source file manually with few records as in original source file. I did not copy-paste the records but typed in all information.
    • The members loaded successfully with the original load rule as well as with new load rule in both the applications - old as well as new. This concludes my data source file was the culprit
  4. I have access to Unix system and recreated the file using vi editor. Everything worked great after the source file was corrected.
I hope this helps other developers in overcoming such error.


  1. Hi Navan,

    Thanks it really worth ... :-)

  2. I found that making text files with MS SQL Server 2008 R2 brings me this error, but if I open and resave the file with a text editor it works w/ no problem.

  3. I found that, the encoding format of the files matters. If the files are encoded as ANSIC this error does not appear anymore... :)

  4. Helpful, saved some valuable time...

  5. Helpful, saved some valuable time...

  6. Outline is opened in edit mode and we didn't unlock also we will be getting object is locked by user.

  7. Awesome !! Worked out for me .. Thanks

  8. Thank you so much... Excellent work... It worked for me

  9. This is very helpful. I changed the sourece file to ANSI file type and it worked!