Tuesday, June 26, 2012

FR Report scheduling error in Workspace

Recently, I encountered an error with FR while scheduling a report in workspace and thought of sharing the same with all.
Issue Description:
  • While opening the FR report in Workspace, the report appears blank even though there is no suppression applied to the grid
  • While scheduling a batch for the report/book, following error appears

; nested exception is: javax.jcr.RepositoryException: com.sqribe.transformer.AuthorizationException: com.sqribe.transformer.GetMiniContainerBySmartCutCommand.execute: Read access to "/TstBatch" is not permitted

This error occurs when the system has been configured with external directories along with Native Directory and a user "admin" also exists in the external directory along with Native Directory. This causes the system to search for user rights for the "admin" which exist in external directory and not Native Directory.
This is due to the search order defined for the native and external directories. The Native Directory has been assigned to search in the end (or after the external directories). Since external directories are assigned precedence for search before native directory, "admin" user of external directory does not have access to internal folders of FR and prompts error.
Changing the search order in shared services resolves the issue.
  1. Login to shared services
  2. Select Administration -> Configure User Directories
  3. Reorder the directories to assign search order to Native Directory as 1
  4. Restart services
Hope this helps!!!

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